Ethereum Bogotá invites to a virtual meeting on perspectives about ETH 2.0

Next Saturday, September 5th (at 3 pm, Bogotá time, Colombia), the fourth Ethereum community meeting will take place. It will be an applied workshop on what is expected to be new with ETH 2.0. This is what the organizers informed Cointelegraph en Español through a press release.

„Continuing with the mission of teaching about Ethereum, the objective of this workshop will be to have a pedagogical approach to the technical part. Where Will Villanueva, in his position as researcher, will solve doubts of the attendees,“ explained from Ethereum Bogota.

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The name of the talk is „Understanding the Magic of Ethereum: What comes with Eth 2.0“. In the meeting they want to show how this blockchain works. And explain that behind this blockchain there are tools that are not so difficult to understand. It will be a practical meeting to have applied experience.

Who is the speaker?
Will Villanueva has been in the engineering world for many years. When he was younger, he started a govtech company in San Francisco and also worked in several startups in Silicon Valley.

After finding his passion in the blockchain world, he built the Bounties Network in 2017 and then became part of the Ethereum 2.0 research team.

Currently, he has a team, Quilt, that is focused on expanding the current execution model of Ethereum 1.0. These changes are a precursor to more updates and improvements that we will see in Ethereum 2.0

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Workshop topics
Show the process of starting a node in Ethereum.

Monitor it locally and send transactions to it.

Make the transition to start an Ethereum 2.0 node and explain what is happening.

„With this meeting we want to have more Bitcoin Era technical talks during the month of September. We are very excited to talk about Ethereum 2.0 and learn from people like Will,“ said the organizers. For more details, those interested can enter here.