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    Act now! New education funding reform committee, statewide hearing dates & more...


    Speak out!
    March is going to be a hot month for education. Get ready to make some noise!

    The 94th General Assembly is in full swing. Committee assignments have been made, and Students First is providing a comprehensive list of education committee members and their email addresses. Simply click on a name below and send a message today!

    Call to Action: Education Funding Reform
    The Senate Select Committee on Education Funding Reform has been created to hold statewide hearings and provide a forum for new ideas on how to change the way schools are funded in Illinois. They want to know what YOU think.

    Senate Select Committee on Education Reform:
    First Meeting: March 7, 2005
    10am - 2pm
    Thornton High School
    15001 Broadway Avenue
    Harvey, IL 60426

    Co-Chairperson: Miguel del Valle
    Co-Chairperson: Dan Cronin
    J. Bradley Burzynski
    James T. Meeks
    William R. Haine
    Todd Sieben

    Senate Education Committee
    March 1, 2005
  • Senate Education Committee Hearing

    Chairperson: Kimberly Lightford
    Vice-Chairperson: Miguel del Valle
    Minority Spokesperson: Dan Cronin
    Deanna Demuzio
    Susan Garrett
    James T. Meeks
    Carol Ronen
    J. Bradley Burzynski
    David Luechtefeld
    Richard J. Winkel, Jr.
    Click here for a listing of bills assigned to this committee.

    House Approp-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee
  • Approp-Elementary & Secondary Education Committee
    March 1, 2005
    SUBJECT MATTER: ISBE FY 06 Proposed budget; Testimony of Interim Superintendent Randy Dunn.

    Chairperson: Michael K. Smith
    Republican Spokesperson: Suzanne Bassi
    Edward J. Acevedo
    John E. Bradley
    Michelle Chavez
    Elizabeth Coulson
    William Delgado
    Roger L. Eddy
    Mary E. Flowers
    Careen M Gordon
    Constance A. Howard
    Naomi D. Jakobsson
    Renee Kosel
    Patricia Reid Lindner
    Jerry L. Mitchell
    Sandra M. Pihos
    Raymond Poe
    Kathleen A. Ryg
    Aaron Schock
    Ed Sullivan, Jr.
    Wyvetter H. Younge
    Click here for a listing of bills assigned to this committee.

    House Elementary & Secondary Education Committee
    March 2, 2005
  • Elementary & Secondary Education Committee

    Calvin L. Giles
    Monique D. Davis
    Suzanne Bassi
    Daniel V. Beiser
    Linda Chapa LaVia
    Marlow H. Colvin
    Lisa M. Dugan
    Roger L. Eddy
    Robert F. Flider
    Kevin Joyce
    David E. Miller
    Jerry L. Mitchell
    Donald L. Moffitt
    Rosemary Mulligan
    Ruth Munson
    Harry Osterman
    Sandra M. Pihos
    Robert W. Pritchard
    David Reis
    Michael K. Smith
    Jim Watson
    Click here for a listing of bills assigned to this committee.

    House Subcommittee: School Code Waivers, Elementary and Secondary
    March 1, 2005
    School Code Waivers, Elementary and Secondary Subcommittee Meeting

    Monique D. Davis
    Marlow H. Colvin
    Roger L. Eddy
    Sandra M. Pihos
    Chairperson: Michael K. Smith

    To stay up-to-date on education hearings around the state put the Students First calendar in your favorites list!

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