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    About Us

    What is Students First?

    Students First Illinois (SFI) is a non-partisan, statewide, grassroots coalition of private individuals and community organizations banding together to help put Illinois' 2.2 million children first.

    Education is the underpinning of our quality of life, freedom and the future of our state. Today everyone in Illinois - whether you are retired, have children, run a business or a social service agency - relies on a highly educated and productive citizenry. Illinois needs to sharpen its competitive edge. Quality education for every child will help enlarge the states' fiscal pie by nurturing more productive citizens and taxpayers.

    Public education reduces crime and costs to society

    Today the biggest obstacle our children face is Springfield’s failure to provide adequate state funding for our local schools. Let’s put our students first.

    Students First Funding Solution
    OBJECTIVE: The state of Illinois needs to provide for an efficient system of equal, high-quality public educational institutions and services and fulfill its constitutional responsibility as the primary funding source for education.

    Ron in Canton with West Central co-chairs Pete Franciskovich and Margi Rusch.
    President & Founder Ron Gidwitz
    Actively using his extensive background in business and education to tackle two of Illinois’ most pressing issues -- job loss and education needs -- Ron Gidwitz founded Students First Illinois in February 2003.

    Concerned citizens join Students First in Mt. Vernon.
    Get Involved
    Take an active role in helping the children in your neighborhood by supporting equal, high-quality public education - the key to the future of your community and the future of Illinois. Get involved. Volunteer, attend local meetings or talk with your neighbors about ways to help today's children and future generations.

    For more info, to start a group, propose an idea, volunteer or give your feedback...

    Students First Illinois | Ronald J. Gidwitz | 200 South Wacker Drive, Suite 4000 | Chicago, IL 60606 | email | (312) 943-1955 p (312) 943-8397 f

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